How secure is my private information?
Confidentiality is a bigger deal than most people realize. Pharmacies are very closely regulated, as are all health care entities, with regard to patient information. We will not discuss or share any information about any patient with anyone who is not authorized by that patient. However, if your doctor needs information from our pharmacy, we will share it with their office. By use of electronic signature capture devices and other systems, we try to make getting a prescription as easy and convenient for patients as possible, but we still must adhere to all of the required privacy standards.

How do I know if a prescription is refillable?
The number of usable refills you currently have can be located on your prescription bottle label. The remaining refills on your prescription bottle label can be confirmed by locating the phrase “____ refills until ____" on the bottom of the label. This tells you how many refills are remaining and when those refills will expire.

How do I order a prescription refill?
When calling in refills by phone, our automated voicemail system will take your prescription number and inform you whether or not your prescription can be refilled. If you do not have your prescription number available, or if you simply wish to speak with us personally, you may press “0” at any time during your call and you will be transferred to one of our staff members. We also accept refill authorization requests in-store and on our website. It is greatly appreciated if you call in your refill requests 24 hours in advance! If your prescription has expired, we will contact your doctor for you. This process can take time so we ask that you give us 3 business days to get a response from the doctor’s office. If your refill request is an emergency, we recommend that you contact your doctor directly.

I have refills remaining on an expired prescription. Can I still refill it?
Unfortunately, the answer is NO. In order for a pharmacy to be able to sell prescription drugs lawfully, the prescription must meet both of the following criteria: refills available and current dating.  All remaining refills are void if your prescription "expires" before you get to use them.

Can my written prescriptions become invalid over time?
In accordance with FDA regulations, no prescribed medication can be continuously dispensed without renewal from your doctor.  Non-controlled prescriptions remain valid until one year after the date they are written by your doctor.  Controlled substances have only a six month refill allowance.  To locate the date a prescription refill was written, simply locate the “W:” in the top right corner of your prescription bottle label and the date that follows. The "W" indicates the date your prescription was written.

Is it safe to take a medication that is past the expiration date?
We do not recommend the consumption of expired medication.  It is in your best interest to simply renew the medication to avoid any unwanted complications and to maintain the medication’s potency.

Can I have prescriptions transferred to you from another drug store?
YES! Please provide us with the name of the pharmacy, the pharmacy's telephone number, and the prescription name(s) and/or number(s).
Please Note: Controlled substance medications with refills may only be transferred between pharmacies ONE TIME.

Can you help me with insurance-related issues?
Our pharmacy staff will provide assistance to best answer any insurance questions you may have any time during normal business hours.  Although insurance problems are often best directed toward your insurance company, we will be happy to assist you with a wide range of knowledge and expertise.  We also have staff trained in Medicare Part D, so although we cannot recommend an insurance plan for you, we offer guidance, by appointment, to help you sort through all of the Medicare Part D options.

Why is my insurance copay so high?
Patients do not often realize that it is the insurance company alone who determines your copay; the pharmacy that fills it does not set the copay.  Also, many plans have a deductible so you pay more until that dollar amount is reached.  Insurance plans change their formulary lists, tiers, and copay structures whenever they see fit, often in response to changing drug costs or availability.  We are here to help you make sense of these costs and sometimes even come up with ways to bring your copays down.

How can I get delivery service for my prescriptions?
We provide free delivery service for all of DeWitt city limits. You may request delivery during all order methods, whether via phone or on the website. There is no delivery fee; therefore we ask that this service be utilized only when necessary.  Same-day deliveries should be placed before 5:00 PM on weekdays and 3:00 PM on Saturdays.  Let us know at the time of your request if you have special delivery instructions (calling before we deliver, delivering before/after a certain time, etc).

When can I expect my prescriptions to be delivered?
We begin prescription delivery at 1:00 PM Monday through Saturday.  We deliver until 7:00 PM Monday through Friday and until 5:00 PM on Saturday.  Prescriptions ordered before the cut-off times above will be delivered the same day, assuming there are no difficulties filling your order.  If it is later than the above times, prescriptions will be delivered the next day unless special arrangements are made with a pharmacy staff member.  If your delivery is an EMERGENCY, we will work with you to ensure you receive it right away.

Can I get other merchandise delivered with my prescription?
Yes, we are able to deliver most items with your prescription such as over-the-counter medications, home health care supplies, toiletries, and even candy bars!

What if I need delivery but live outside of DeWitt city limits?
We are able to mail your prescriptions to you if you do not live in DeWitt.  Please request this service when you order and allow extra time for calling the doctor for refills if needed, holidays, weekends, and weather delays.  There may be cases in which we are unable to mail medication (for example, insulin and other liquids in freezing temperatures).  Please limit your mail request to one mailing per week per household.

What if I have a question not addressed in these FAQ’s?
No problem!  We will happily respond to any questions, concerns, issues, or anything else you require.  Just give us a phone call.  We are here to help!